Cottee’s Story

Our journey from Lismore in 1927 to current day


Cottee's was started by a dairy farmer called Spencer Cottee. That's him at the back three from the right. Mr. Cottee grew passionfruit on his farm but was so good at it he often had a lot left over. Not wanting to waste any, he began creating the passionfruit drink we still know and love today, Passiona.

Early Years

Passiona became a big hit and in the 1920's Mr. Cottee decided to make more drinks, but with different flavours. The demand for his new fruit mixes and cordials became so big he had to open a second factory. Since his drinks were such a success Mr. Cottee also started making jams, jellies and even peanut butter.

War Years

During World War 2 a lot of our soldiers were overseas. Their daily ration of food turned out to be short on vitamins and so Mr. Cottee was asked to help. He made lots of jams and juices to send to the soldiers so they could get their daily dose of vitamin C. With all the oranges he was using he had lots of citrus peel left over and from this he started creating Cottee's Marmalade.

50s and 60s

After the tough times of the war years, the 50's and 60's were a lot more fun. For businesses it was a boom time and also proved to be a golden time for Cottee's. In 1967 an advertising campaign that labeled Passiona as the 'Untamed Taste' was so successful it had to be withdrawn because Cottee's could not keep up with demand.

Growth of Cottee's

In 1970 Cottee's merged with General Food Corp USA to become Cottee's General Foods Limited. From here the Cottee's range grew and soon they were making cordials, jams, jellies, sultanas, instant pudding, toppings, fizzy drinks and even frozen vegetables.

Turn of the Century

By the turn of the 20th century, Cottee's cordials were cemented in the hearts of Australians, thanks to the much loved "My Dad" jingle. The Cottee's range continued to add the fun to the every day, from cordials for water to yummy jams for bread, toppings for milk and Ice Magic for ice-cream. What delicious fun!

Cottee's Today

Today Cottee's is as popular as ever. We continue to make Australia's favourite cordials, and heaps of great jams, jellies and other fun foods. Each day at Cottee's we strive to make our products even more fun. In our latest change, Cottee's launched an easy pour, drip-free cap that provides even greater pour control and means no more sticky drips, dribbles or mess to clean up.