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Interesting facts you might not have known about Cottee's

the year Cottee’s was born
million litres of Cottee’s cordial consumed a year*
million cups of Cottee’s cordial enjoyed every day*
we are Australia’s favourite cordial!*

Cottee's 100th Birthday Countdown

At One


My Dad Picks the Fruit
People are still singing the old Cottee’s jingle 30 years later

Cottee's WW2
During WW2 Mr Cottee sent all kinds of vitamin-packed jams and juices to keep our soldiers healthy

Passiona Peter's Ice Cream
Mr Cottee initially sold surplus passionfruit pulp to Peter’s Ice Cream in Sydney

Based on the success of Passiona, Cottee’s made a pineapple flavoured version and called it “Pineona” in 1953

Burger Chef
Before McDonald’s, in 1969, Cottee’s setup one of Australia’s first fast food chains – Burger Chef.

Our Passiona ad ‘Untamed Taste’ in 1967 was so successful we had to withdraw it, because we couldn’t keep up with demand!



Peanuts, which we called Cottee’s One Penny Salted Peanuts (1934), potato chips we named Cottee’s Curly Crisps (1958), soup (1958) and frozen brocolli (1964).


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* Sales facts: Nielsen Nat Grocery MAT to 06/09/2015. All figures are approximate and based on Nielsen Nat Grocery MAT to 06/09/2015.